Bronze Burglar Alarm System (Wireless)


Our Bronze Burglar Alarm System is designed to give the basics of everything you need for an average home this can be altered to fit your individual needs.

All of our alarm systems can be modified to suit your needs for a free assessment Please Contact Us


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Product Details

Our alarm systems are at the forefront of alarm technology and are extremely flexible in terms of connectivity and functionality. via HomeControl+ App & PyronixCloud available in two versions: on Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.

Key Features

  • Programmable zones - up to 66 which can be locally or remotely programmed. 32 wireless zones expandable to 64, 2 wired zones expandable to 34.
  • 4 Level sets or 4 independent areas
  • Two-way encrypted industrial strength communication enabling remote diagnostics and programming on wireless peripherals
  • Remote programming and diagnostics with InSite UDL Providing authorised users with remote access to the alarm control panel, with the ability to monitor alarm events, diagnose potential faults and view the entire electrical status of the system. If alterations are needed, there is no need to send an engineer; this can be done via InSite. This maintains a more efficient and cost-effective service; minimising site visits by performing maintenance and diagnostics from the office.
  • Key Fob for easy remote alarm with activation/deactivation via encrypted two-way wireless communication and extensive wireless transmission range, delivers reliable and secure control of the system with a key fob with 80 User codes, 32 wireless key fobs with individual user ID.
  • Customisable Push Notifications get system status and receive custom push notifications from any alarm event.
  • Voice Push Notifications to notify you of an intrusion or fault on the system.
  • Cloud Service our highly encrypted service provides maximum security to the same accepted level of standard encryption as some banking and government institutions, with no sensitive user data stored on the Cloud with PyronixCloud a yearly subscription service
  • 24hrs Monitoring Service (optional) Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) for professionally monitored 24/7 security. This can deliver the heightened level of security and peace of mind that some installations require.
  • Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II
  • Mobile Interface use your phone or mobile device to control you alarm system and get notifications via HomeControl+ App & PyronixCloud available in two versions: on Android and apple from there online Stores (Google Play Store and the Apple App store).
  • Easily expandable/upgradeable our alarm systems are extremely flexible and can grow with you

Adding our security camera system will further enhance the security to your home or business and give you added features such as:

  • Live Stream Monitoring for monitoring of your Home/Office/ property (CCTV)
  • Video Push Notification Receive push notification with a video clip for quick video verification of events.
  • Split-Screen Live Viewing the live screen view can be changed from observing 1 camera stream to 4, 9, 12 or 16 simultaneously.
  • Live Video Recording the ability to watch live video, record on an SD-card*, take screenshots, as well as listen in or speak using microphone-enabled cameras.
  • Highly Secure Encrypted Connection
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